Three takeaways from Kawhi Leonard, Paul George Clippers press conference

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were officially introduced as members of the Clippers on Wednesday and this thing got started quickly.

The hype train was in motion from the very beginning and it was hard not to notice.

We can’t help but start our takeaways with that.

Three takeaways from Kawhi Leonard, Paul George’s introductory press conference with the Clippers

Steve Ballmer’s blood pressure must be off the charts

Say what you want about Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, he’s not an understated man.

He has been seen over and over again getting hyped on the sidelines during games and brings that energy into everything he does.

That includes the press conference on Wednesday when Ballmer looked like he was about to have a coronary introducing George and Leonard. And we mean that in a good way.

The reactions to his actions might have actually been the best part of the entire presser.

We think Ballmer is excited for next season.

This team is thinking championship

This isn’t a surprise, nor should it be. When a team adds two of the best players in the NBA as well as two of the best defenders, it should be confident. But for people like coach Doc Rivers, who is a bit of an understated guy, to up and allude to a championship being the goal, that says something.

“This is a great moment, but it’s not our finest moment. That’s coming,” he said. “We’re here to celebrate. This feels like a movement. Today is more about what’s coming.”

And Leonard knows what championships are made of. He has two of them to go with two Finals MVPs. He’s not confusing anything here. A title is once again his goal.

“For me, Doc’s a championship coach and that’s something that I wanted,” Leonard said. “The front office was transparent with me. It’s an opportunity for us to build our own. We have a chance to do something special.”

But, of course, Leonard had to put his own spin on the perspective around a title potentially going to the Clippers and not the Lakers.

“If we go to the championship and win and we get no coverage, that’s fine with me,” he said.

No hard feelings

Leonard chose the Clippers and didn’t say goodbye to the Raptors. It felt weird, but it turns out it was just Kawhi. 

“I want to think the Toronto Raptors fans. I don’t have social media so I’m not able to put a paragraph out or whatever,” he said. “Thank all of Toronto, the city, the country. It was a great, amazing season. It was the best parade ever.”

He continued: “Thanks to the doctors for delivering my baby boy. I also just want to thank the city as far as the restaurants. They had ‘Kawhine and Dine’ throughout the playoffs. I took advantage of that.”

George also expressed his gratitude for Oklahoma City.

“First and foremost, I just want to thank the whole Thunder organization, Mr. (Clay) Bennett, Sam Presti for the partnership we had there,” he said. “It was a great two years we had there, but ultimately they helped me find my way back home to L.A. and I’m appreciative for that.”

It’s unclear how the Thunder and Raptors will receive these two men when they come back to their cities, but the players clearly didn’t leave because they hated where they were and they made sure the organizations and fanbases knew that Wednesday.