Aaron Rodgers gives injury-preventing advice to Ravens' Lamar Jackson

Aaron Rodgers gives injury-preventing advice to Ravens' Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson impressed Aaron Rodgers on Thursday.

The young Ravens quarterback strutted his stuff literally when he hurdled over a Packers defender in an effort to reach the end zone. 

The short touchdown run was eventually reversed after an illegal block, but it led to some sound advice from the veteran signal-caller.

“I love watching you play, man,” Rodgers told Jackson after Baltimore’s 26-13 win over Green Bay. “That was pretty spectacular.”

He added, “Have a great season. Slide a little bit.”​

It’s not bad advice for the Ravens’ top quarterback. Even Jackson took it in stride.

He smiled and responded with, “I got you, baby.”

Jackson is entering his second season in the NFL, where his mobility has been discussed since taking over for an injured Joe Flacco last year.

He led the Ravens to the AFC North championship and averaged 17 carries per game on his way to a single-season record for rushing attempts by a quarterback (147).

So far this preseason, Jackson has been dialing in on his arm. 

After appearing in both exhibition games, he’s 10 for 16 with 117 yards and one touchdown. Jackson’s only yards on the ground came Thursday (14 yards on two carries).

“It was pretty cool,” he told reporters after game. “I was like, ‘What’s up GOAT?’ as soon as I saw him. There are a lot of GOATs out here, but it is Aaron Rodgers, so I have to show my respect.”

Jackson added, regarding Rodgers’ message: “I was like, ‘Yes, I know where you are coming from.’ I understand.”