Antonio Brown: 'I got circumcised on my feet' after cryotherapy mishap

Antonio Brown: 'I got circumcised on my feet' after cryotherapy mishap

Antonio Brown had cold therapy in Paris this offseason to aid his recovery, but the Raiders receiver ended up with frostbitten feet that felt like they were “circumcised.”

The seven-time Pro Bowl pick, acquired by the Raiders in a blockbuster trade with the Steelers in March, was absent from practices earlier this month with the injured feet he sustained in France.

On the second episode of Hard Knocks, which aired Tuesday, Brown explained how the freakish injury came about.

“I was on vacation in Paris. I was training and I was trying cold therapy to recover my body,” he said. “I got out and I felt my foot burning. I felt a hot sensation. So [within] 24 hours, it swells up, got really big. I couldn’t really walk or put pressure [on it].

“The doctor came over, drained a little out, scalpel the next day, scissors the next day, just kind of let it leak all out. 

“As everything leaked all out I was able to put a lot of pressure. Thankfully my trainer was working me out. I can’t be on my feet, so I was crawling within workouts.

“I let everything get better. Now it’s new skin, I’m trying to get my feet used to feeling it. But it feels like I’ve got a big patch of just open, [a] whoopee cushion.”

The star wide receiver also displayed his feet to the cameras and discussed the injury further with Raiders staff.

“My feet are pretty much getting circumcised, right?” he said when told he was walking “a little funny.”

“It’s kinda like a pull back right now.

“I got circumcised on my feet. Hopefully my feet [are] born again and I frickin’ can run faster.

“Feel sorry for me later, thank you.”

Brown returned to training camp on Tuesday, a day after an arbitrator ruled the 31-year-old could not wear the helmet he has used throughout his career because of NFL rules.

Though there were reports Brown would walk away from the NFL should his grievance be denied, he said on Monday he was “looking forward to rejoining my teammates on the field.”

In the wake of the arbitrator’s ruling, Brown also posted a message on Twitter requesting a newer version of his former helmet that would comply with the rules. And by Tuesday evening reportedly had crowdsourced potential replacements.