Antonio Brown tells Ben Roethlisberger to 'shut up already'

Antonio Brown's new helmet fails test; receiver reacts with harsh tweet

It’s been five months since Antonio Brown was traded from Pittsburgh to Oakland, but he’s still caught up in last season’s Steelers drama.

The Raiders receiver on Tuesday clapped back at Ben Roethlisberger on Twitter after the Steelers quarterback said he wished he hadn’t called out Brown last season, tweeting that the two were “never friends just had to get my ends” and to “shut up already.”

Earlier Tuesday, Roethlisberger opened up about his relationship with Brown and admitted he regrets publicly criticizing his former teammate in late November for how he ran routes after a loss to the Broncos.

“I wish I wouldn’t have done it,” Roethlisberger told NBC. “We saw what happened, and it ruined a friendship. … Just got caught up in the emotion, the heat of the battle.”

Roethlisberger was also critical of then-rookie receiver James Washington after the same game, but Roethlisberger explained Washington had a different reaction. 

“James Washington texted me, called me and talked to me in person, thanking for me that,” he said. “So (while) the outside world was killing me for it, he thanked me and that’s all that matters.”

When asked why Washington handled the criticism better than Brown, Roethlisberger replied: “You’ll have to ask him. I’m not sure.”

The Raiders and Steelers aren’t scheduled to play during the regular season, but fans can only hope they’ll meet down the road in the playoffs.