Dolphins' QB competition between Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh Rosen 'could go either way,' says Brian Flores

Dolphins' QB competition between Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh Rosen 'could go either way,' says Brian Flores

The Dolphins’ quarterback competition is still open.

Miami has yet to decide if Ryan Fitzpatrick or Josh Rosen will start under center in the season opener against the Ravens on Sept. 8, first-year coach Brian Flores told reporters Sunday. 

“This could go either way,” Flores said, via the Miami Herald. “… I think they’re both working hard, both have leadership, both have done a lot of good things. This will be a hard decision for the staff.”

Fitzpatrick, 36, started seven games for the Buccaneers last season and has also played for the Rams, Bengals, Bills, Titans, Texans and Jets during his 14-year career. 

“I’m the same guy every day, whether it’s on the practice field, in the meeting rooms or in the game,” Fitzpatrick said earlier this month (via the team’s official website). “I’m going to try to bring steadiness and excitement. But for me in a competition, you focus on what I can control. What I can control is me. That’s how I look at these things.

“I know what I’m capable of when I perform at a high level, and being able to reach that and consistently reach that, is something that I’ll just continue to strive for. I think as a whole when you bring in a new coaching staff and a new system everybody is learning, now stuff starts to jell a little better. And people start to get a little bit more continuity.”

Meanwhile, the Dolphins acquired Rosen from the Cardinals after Arizona selected Kyler Murray with the No. 1 pick in the 2019 draft. Rosen, the No. 10 selection in 2018 out of UCLA, completed 55.2% of his passes and threw 11 touchdowns, along with 14 interceptions, in 14 games as a rookie last season. 

“(Fitzpatrick) has been unbelievably helpful,” Rosen said. “He’s probably one of the best mentors I’ve had in the sport. He’s been an unbelievable teammate and very selfless in helping me so much. It’s pretty impressive how he can walk up to the line and see it, know what coverage, everything they’re trying to do. And I’m just trying to get to that level.

“I think I have a special skill set that when I put those two together, it could be special. But it’s going to be a long road. A lot of film. A lot of studying. I’m indebted to Fitz in how selfless he’s being.”

The Dolphins will conclude the preseason Thursday against the Saints in New Orleans.