Ezekiel Elliott holdout: Marshall Faulk heads to Cabo to help Cowboys star train

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Ezekiel Elliott is back in Cabo as he continues his holdout for a new contract, however, he’s going to recieve a boost in his training in Mexico. 

Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk said Thursday on “The Rich Eisen Show” that he is heading to Cabo to help the Cowboys’ star running back train for the upcoming season. 

“He’s been busting his butt training,” Faulk said. “I got some drills and some stuff I used to do. … I’ve challenged him with his conditioning and trying to get him closer to football-ready, not just being in good shape. So I’m going down to try and make him throw up.”

Faulk, a former running back who spent 12 years in the league with the Colts and Rams, and Elliott have known each other for eight years. The two met when Elliott was 16 years old, and Faulk has become a mentor for Elliott, The Dallas Morning News notes.

“It’s not Zeke’s fault he’s in this situation,” Faulk said. “There’s something wrong with the system when just because you were drafted first, you get this fifth year tagged on, and then you have to play this extra year when a guy [like Dak Prescott] has more leverage than you.

“These holdouts, they affect teams. They actually affect the nucleus of your team. And I’ll be honest with you, if I’m Zeke and I sit down and I saw that they signed Jaylon Smith ⁠[to a long-term extension] — I’m pissed.”

The Cowboys offered Elliott a deal that would make him the second highest-paid running back in the NFL, ESPN reported Thursday, though there’s no indication that Elliott’s holdout will end anytime soon. 

ESPN’s report explained that Elliott’s offer isn’t as big as Todd Gurley’s four-year, $57.5 million extension that he signed with the Rams in July 2018, but it’s worth more than Le’Veon Bell’s four-year, $52.5 million deal with the Jets this offseason.

Hope rose when Elliott returned to Dallas last weekend, but that apparently was only a break from training. He will continue to train in Cabo.

The Cowboys are scheduled to open the regular season Sept. 8 against the Giants, and there have been conflicting reports on whether Elliott will sit out as he seeks his extension. 

Elliott has one year left on his rookie contract as well as a fifth-year team option.