Fantasy football 2019: Jets' Le'Veon Bell tells owners to pick him first

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Is Le’Veon Bell trying to make it up to fantasy football owners after he sat out last season, leaving many scrambling to fill that void?

It appears so.

When asked where he should fall on the draft board when it comes to this year’s fantasy picks, the Jets running back didn’t hesitate as he said: “First.”

Bell added that team owners will not regret drafting him, and that he plans to give this season everything he’s got.

“As long as this offense does what this offense is going to do, I think anybody could be a No. 1 fantasy guy,” he said, via ProFootballTalk. “We’ve got so much talent.”

Bell famously (or infamously, for some fantasy football owners) sat out last season after he and the Steelers were unable to reach a new deal.

He posted to social media earlier this week, saying he was sorry to all the fantasy owners he let down, but added that this season will be much different.

“I don’t regret sitting out last year, but I wish I could have told fantasy owners some type of way, ‘I’m not playing this year,’ so they wouldn’t have picked me,” Bell said Thursday. “That’s the thing I’m apologizing for, a lot of people picked me not even knowing if I was coming back.

“That’s what I was really sorry about, not because I sat out, but not being able to communicate that to fantasy owners, that I’m not playing. A lot of people feel like they wasted their money. So, I’m sorry again.”