Jadeveon Clowney trade rumors: Texans star will be traded in '24, 48 hours'

Jadeveon Clowney injury update: Texans DL returns after leaving with apparent head injury

Jadeveon Clowney is going to be traded soon. Well, at least that’s what one NFL Network analyst believes.

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network told Patrick Meagher on Sirius XM Radio’s “The Wrap”, he believes Clowney will be traded in the next day or two.

Per Lombardi:

“He doesn’t have a contract, so he’s got to sign the tender before they trade him, I think that’s almost a fait accompli, he will get traded in the next 24, 48 hours, I would be shocked if he didn’t.”

While it’s easy to say Lombardi could simply be speculating about Clowney being traded at all, remember the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain said it would be a surprise if the defensive lineman/end wasn’t traded after he refused to sign the franchise tender placed on him by the Texans this offseason. And trust us, McClain knows what he’s talking about.

Now, the difference between these two reports is two-fold: for one, the Chronicle didn’t put a time limit on a deal for Clowney, and secondly, they disagree on what the Texans are after.

The Chronicle said Houston would love to upgrade its offensive line, but Lombardi has them going after something else.


“There’s a lot of teams that are after him. The Houston Texans, they want a receiver, they want another receiver to go with Hopkins, so I think there’s teams, I know there’s two teams negotiating with Clowney right now in terms of trying to talk to him about coming to their team because he’s got to sign the tender before they can trade him, so he does have some control of the action.”

Another couple of things here: the Chronicle’s report is almost certainly right. Houston wants to bolster its offensive line as it has been an issue throughout the first couple of years of Deshaun Watson’s tenure with the Texans. However, as that report pointed out at the time, there simply aren’t many teams — if any — that will trade a good to great offensive lineman at any point of the season, no matter the return. And Houston would probably want something like that back in a deal for Clowney.

So the second point here is that Houston’s No. 2 receiver Will Fuller V is coming off of an ACL injury in October of last season. He has also missed a combined 15 games over the last two years with injuries. The Texans could be concerned he won’t be the same player he was before getting hurt last year, but they could also simply want a backup plan for Fuller in case he gets hurt again.

The story here though is this: Clowney is likely to get traded, and it sure looks like it could be pretty soon.


“Clowney’s days as a Houston Texan to me are numbered, which then plays into, how do they overcome him? How do they handle that they’re going to have $16 million of cap room once they trade him because he’s counting on their cap, and what do they do with that cap room, and how does that impact their win total which is set at eight right now?”