NFL, Antonio Brown may have found a compromise in ongoing helmet dispute, report says

Antonio Brown launches Twitter search for helmet; Twitterverse wants better deal

Previously on “Antonio Brown’s Helmet” …

The NFL told the Raiders receiver he couldn’t use his old helmet. Brown said he wouldn’t play without his old helmet. The NFL said Brown would be in breach of his contract if he didn’t play in a new helmet. An arbitrator ruled Brown can’t play in his old helmet.

In today’s episode, by Pro Football Talk, the NFL has said Brown could wear the specific model of Schutt helmet he so loves, it just has to be less than 10 years old.

“PFT has confirmed with a source close to the situation that the NFL, the Raiders and Brown’s representatives have been in contact, and that the NFL has approved Brown wearing the helmet model he wants — the Schutt AiR Advantage — if he finds a helmet that fits him and is less than 10 years old.”

The fine print: Schutt stopped making the AiR Advantage in 2011, so there conceivably are AiR Advantage models in circulation that are eight or nine years old, but it’s a matter of finding one in Brown’s size.

Coming soon: “Where in the World is Antonio Brown’s Helmet?”

The search, thus far, has been unsuccessful, the unidentified PFT source said.

The good news: If they find a young enough AiR Advantage, we can look forward to more, new episodes of “Antonio Brown’s Helmet” next year or the year after, when all models of the AiR Advantage will be too old to pass NFL muster.