NFL players, owners willing to expand playoff field for next CBA, reports say

NFL moves Chargers-Steelers, Rams-Bears into primetime

NFL players and owners are open to expanding the playoff field from 12 teams to 14, which would offset any lost costs from cutting back on preseason games, reported, citing unidentified league sources.

The talks are still early, but could be presented for the next Collective Bargaining Agreement, which is set to start after the current CBA ends in March 2021.

Another idea that players aren’t as keen on is expanding the NFL season from 16 games to 17 or 18, which would also shorten the preseason. There have been talks of simply eliminating some preseason games without expanding the regular or postseason, as well.

Another huge point of contention between players and NFL owners is how the CBA revenue will be split up. Currently, players get 47 percent of the revenue, but feel no need to do any early deals without some sort of economic concession. According to the reports, NFL owners aren’t willing to give up any concessions.

A collective bargain session is expected to begin Monday in Chicago, where these points reportedly will be addressed. While there is no set time for a new CBA to be announced, many are urging for a new contract sooner than later.

Many TV deals are set to expire before the new election this upcoming March, when a new NFLPA executive committee is expected to be elected.