NFLPA suggests players sell cars, homes, clothes ahead of potential work stoppage

NFL had 'intervention' with seven teams over 2017 concussions

The NFL Players Association has sent out a “work stoppage guide” to its players in preparation for a potential lockout following the 2020 season. Frankly, it’s advice we could all use.

Though both the NFL and NFLPA insist it’s unlikely there will be a lockout, this better-safe-than-sorry guide (a copy of which was obtained by Pro Football Talk) includes some harsh real-life advice for players living upper-crust lifestyles.

A few of the highlights include:

  • Consider selling a car you have not driven in the past six months
  • Try cooking at home instead of eating out
  • Adopt a weekly “no spending day”
  • Consider renting instead of buying a home
  • Rent out unoccupied homes or bedrooms
  • Try selling clothes you have not worn in a year on Poshmark, Thredup or Tradesy
  • Avoid co-signing on loans
  • Cut down on giving money to friends and family
  • Save half of each paycheck (if not more)
  • Make needed major home repairs now

Solid suggestions, really.

The NFL and NFL Players Association met last Monday in Chicago for a preliminary bargaining session, according to Pro Football Talk, with reported the talks as positive and amicable.

But, PFT noted, “(e)ventually, they’ll begin grappling over the key issues” such as how to carve a multibillion-dollar pie (the current CBA gives players 47 percent to 48.5 percent of revenue, down from 50 percent in the previous CBA), the salary cap and spending floor, league revenue spent on stadium construction/renovation and the number preseason and regular-season games among other topics.

The two sides thus far are intent on keeping their actual negotiations out of the public spotlight, despite some saber-rattling on both sides. The goal is to prevent a work stoppage ahead of the 2021 season in the most popular and lucrative league in North America.