Packers' Aaron Rodgers feels Colts fans should've given Andrew Luck a 'standing ovation'

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News of Andrew Luck’s plans to retire from the NFL broke Saturday, and Colts fans weren’t happy about it. In fact, some decided to boo the four-time Pro Bowl quarterback following Indianapolis’ preseason loss to the Bears.

Packers star Aaron Rodgers spoke with reporters Monday about the reactions Luck received from the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium as he left the field. Rodgers felt Luck deserved better.

“I thought it would’ve been more of a standing ovation type thing and a thank you than boos,” Rodgers said, via The Athletic. “I said it this morning. I 100% respect him immensely for his decision. I salute him for choosing quality of life, and he’s a fantastic player. He had a great career and he’s got a lot to be proud of.

“I’m excited for him, and I think actually what he did is very selfless.”

Rodgers, though, was critical of how Luck’s plans were leaked. Luck had initially planned to make his retirement announcement Sunday but was forced to move his timetable up after reports began to surface about his intentions.

“He’s making a really tough decision,” Rodgers said. “I don’t know why that doesn’t stay in-house. You’ve got to protect him a little bit.”

Luck spent seven years with the Colts after being drafted with the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and won Comeback Player of the Year in 2018 after throwing for 4,593 yards and 39 touchdowns.

Luck said at his press conference the boos he received “hurt.”