Sean McVay broke down plays on TV in real time during Rams-Cowboys preseason game

Sean McVay says sputtering Rams have to 'figure this out fast'

Everyone knows Sean McVay is a young mastermind when it comes to the X’s and O’s of football, but it’s not often folks can see a game through an NFL coach’s eyes.

McVay gave the people just that Sunday night, when his Rams took on the Cowboys for their second preseason game.

Originally, McVay was just giving the commentators a show by breaking down the defense, but he kept the booth hooked by moving on to the offense.

Despite the insight, McVay didn’t give away any groundbreaking secrets from the Rams’ plays. 

McVay is in his third season as the Rams head coach, but already has impressed. He was hired at age 31 in 2017 to take over the Rams, making him the youngest coach in NFL history. 

Even now, he’s still the youngest coach in the league, but his age didn’t stop him from leading the Rams to a Super Bowl appearance last season.

Much of that has to do with his knowledge of the game and its players — last season he was able to recite all the scouting reports of the Bears’ defensive players. He’s also showed he’s been able not only to recite plays from games, but when given only certain aspects of a play from a game, he has been able to fill in the blanks and recited exactly what happened.